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What is Emotional Health?

What is emotional health in action?

  • Greeting the day with a smile.
  • Standing up for you.
  • Experiencing the relief of forgiveness.
  • Feeling good about you.
  • Feeling vital and alive.

Emotional health and wellbeing is:

  • Being authentic
  • Feeling in balance
  • Healthy self-esteem
  • Resilience
  • Joy
  • Contentedness

What is emotional wellness?

Emotional wellness is the result of emotional health and wellbeing.

Emotional health and wellbeing is the experience of healthy self-esteem, self-respect and resilience.

It is an experience of acceptance, balance, and happiness that naturally moves you into greater states of emotional wellness.

Emotional wellness is a part of the greater continuum of wellness. See the definition of wellness for further information.

Emotional health is doing your best to be proactive instead of reactive to the feelings that move through you in a given hour or day. Emotions are an integral part of being human. Anger. Jealousy. Joy. Sadness. Grief. Contentment. Love. All of them help you respond and interact with life and living. They impact how you think and behave.

Emotional health and wellbeing is feeling and then choosing healthy ways to express the rich range of emotions that make you human.

What is emotional health? Emotional health and wellbeing, emotional wellness means taking responsibility:

  • Accepting you have many different feelings within
  • Becoming aware of emotions that move through you
  • Embracing the emotion that arises in any given moment
  • Seeing, understanding and expressing your emotions in healthy ways
  • Growing healthy habits that support your emotional health
  • Being comfortable in expressing emotions in healthy proactive ways

Make a commitment to yourself. Live the definition of wellness. Breathe the definition of holistic health.

Open the door to feeling a better moment . . .

Stress relief techniques for pain and stress reduction

Let's shift. Reclaim your calm and your emotional health and wellbeing.

Daily you can suffer from being at the mercy of rather than in charge of your emotions. However, emotions can be directed, used as signals, and enhance your daily life and living. Using your emotions, you can have a greater relationship and understanding with yourself and, in turn, others in your life.

A self-care moment. Try this:

Now that you have a clearer answer to what is emotional health, explore and experience more emotional health and wellbeing. Cultivate your emotional wellness in a kind and gentle way.

This exercise cultivates a good feeling. It's an exercise in self love.

  1. Be open with your self. Take a few deep abdominal breaths.
  2. Bring your awareness to the center of your chest. Your heart chakra is here. It's the place of unconditional love.
  3. Visualize a bright green colored ball - an orb of green light spinning in the center of your chest.
  4. Breathe normally and visualize.
  5. Think of someone you love unconditionally, someone who loves you unconditionally. This person could be a loved one, family member, friend, spiritual figure, role model or pet.
  6. Send your unconditional love to them. Feel their love being sent to you. Feel your heart connection.
  7. Notice what is happening in your chest and your mind-body.
  8. Feel this good feeling moving through your entire body - from the top of your head to your toes.
  9. Rest in it. Enjoy it.
  10. When you feel like it's time to move on, open your eyes. How do you feel now? What did you sense or notice? What did you learn? Write your insights in a journal.
  11. Repeat this exercise as needed.

What is emotional health? It's blossoming into greater self-acceptance, self-respect, self-confidence and self-love.

What to blossom more? Try the exercise found on How to Improve Emotional Intelligence. Remember the value of forgiveness and letting go. Forgive yourself and others. Explore writing a forgiveness letter or check out other forgiveness exercises. Strengthen and grow yourself into better emotional health. Change begins with becoming aware of what we need support in. Take another step in your wellness revolution today.

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