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About Lucrezia Mangione

About Lucrezia Mangione

I began my conscious journey towards better health 1988. That's when I began meditating as a way to reduce stress in my life. The effects were so positive that I was hooked. Inspired, I learned more about the mind-body connection, holistic health and holistic healing. This first step of learning to meditate started me on a path that I'm still on: moving towards improving my  well being and, well, simply feeling better.

I am a caregiver and a helping professional. In the beginning I was challenged when I realized I had to take care of myself first. As a woman who did too much and found it easy to care for others, self-care was not natural.  Nowadays, I have a self-care routine; one that strengthens my health and improves my overall wellbeing. And frankly, it's also a necessity because of my profession. As a mind-body therapist and instructor, if I’m stressed I'm unable help my clients help themselves. If I'm unhealthy, I am unable to do the work I love.

Everything written on these pages I have explored myself. I've discovered their intrinsic value and created a self-care routine because, frankly, life is constantly changing and full of stress on all fronts.  I hope you will find something of value for you. The information here is very old and it's being rediscovered anew through science. As a result what you find on these pages is rooted in quantum physics and scientific studies. I’ve tried these stress relief tips and my favorites have become stress management techniques. Test these activities on this site. Take one or two out for test drive and see what happens. I hope you'll find some stress relief tips that work for you. If so, incorporate them into your daily life, make new coping skills and healthy habits.

About this website:

Generous people have helped over the years. This website is dedicated to them. It's my way of saying thanks to my friends, family, professionals and strangers who have helped me - my personal earth angels. Their example has inspired me to create this site. I am grateful to you all.

I dedicate this website to you and all people. May it help release some of your stress and help you and cultivate wellbeing.

Lucrezia Mangione, MA, NCC, LCPC, DCEP, CHTP/I, CMT
Mind-Body Therapist, Healing Touch instructor, Complementary and Integrative health coach

M.A. Union Institute and University

NCC Nationally Certified Counselor

LCPC Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Diplomate Comprehensive Energy Psychology

CHTP/I Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor

C.M.T. Certified massage therapist specializing in Shiatsu bodywork

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