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TYLEM Energy Medicine Therapy

TYLEM™ Energy Medicine therapy is an advanced model of psycho-spiritual healing.

The goal of Transform Your Life through Energy Medicine (TYLEM™ Energy Medicine) is to address imbalances in the human energy field and system to:

  • Clear the self
  • Heal wounds
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Heal relationships energetically
  • Change family energy dynamics

The benefits of TYLEM™:

  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Address illnesses and health challenges
  • Heal family and relationship issues
  • Eliminate past hurts, fears and disappointments
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Manage pain
  • Recover from trauma
  • Cope with grief or loss
  • Assist others in healing
  • Promote a renewed sense of well-being

A mini case study:

Assisting a woman in transition with TYLEM Energy Medicine*

" Before the TYLEM process I was all ready in transition. It feels like this work has just helped me to accept what is and what is to be from a grounded, centered, and radiated place. It just amazes me how much spiritual and emotional growth experiences [have] manifest[ed] as a result of this work.

I am gaining more trust in my journey and in my ability to make, follow, and maintain good decisions for myself while remembering that 'I am my value and vitality as a woman'. I have continued to drum and sing and integrate this message and have the ability to remind myself of it when I am triggered off balance. "

Like other energy healing therapies , TYLEM™ is the art and science of healing through the human energy system. Energy medicine recognizes you are a whole person. Any chronic or acute illness, mental pain, emotional stress, or feelings of disconnection you may have all have a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect to it. An imbalance in our heart, mind, body, or spirit affects your human energy field, overall health and how you experience life and living on a daily basis.

TYLEM combines complementary health therapies with traditional health care to assist all aspects of your self, mind body and soul, to integrate and balance. Returning you to feeling whole again and feeling more alive. It's a holistic approach.


Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook developed the TYLEM™ Energy Medicine Program. Dr. Bulbrook is a medical intuitive. The program is based on her distinguished twenty year career in University teaching, administration and research in the USA, Canada and Australia.

She is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Specialist and Instructor, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing and a Registered Nurse. She has extensive background in working with the world-renowned family therapist Virginia Satir.

Energy Medicine Partnerships, Inc. is the international organization dedicated to providing dynamic education in energy medicine throughout the world. This organization is the certifying and educational body for the Transform Your Life Through Energy Medicine (TYLEM) program. They are based in Carrboro, NC.

*Actual client commentary on TYLEM Energy Medicine therapy done with EMP practitioner Lucrezia Mangione.

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