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What is Stress?

What is Stress? Stress is a challenge. Literally.

Stress challenges you: your body, mind, heart, and spirit. This challenge provides an opportunity for growth.

Some stress is beneficial and necessary for growth. It's called eustress and it's positive and needed. This kind of stress helps you achieve optimal health and maintain wellness.

What is positive stress? Here's an example: bone growth. Your body needs to move. The muscles pull and push your bones. This positive stress causes bones to grow strong.

But you're not just here for the healthy stress. You probably want to know "What is stress that's negative?"

That's distress. It pushes you beyond the amount needed for optimal health.

Sound familiar?

Distress has a negative impact upon you and your health. When it's regular, like chronic stress, it can weaken you. Distress results from different causes of stress. Your health and wellness is affected if stress causes are too much.

Stress expert, Dr. Hans Selye says stress:

“[Is] the nonspecific response of the body to any demand. All things require a certain amount of stress to function efficiently; it is when stress goes beyond elastic limits that it becomes “strain,” or the structural loss of integrity."(Ashton and Cassel, 2002, p. 121)

There's a balance to how much your body can handle.

There's good news: your body is amazing.

It can bounce back if you give it the right support. The harmful effects of distress and/or chronic stress can be reduced.

Start with discovering your symptoms of stress , then reflect on personal health habits and your attitude towards your wellness. You can take a free stress test to help you.

Learn about the flight or fight response and the relaxation response . Your body's response to stress and relaxation. Prepare yourself mentally and get ready for change by learning about how to relieve stress and changing habits.

Stress relief techniques for pain and stress reduction

Let's shift. And reclaim your calm.

A self-care moment. Try this:

It's a necessity. And it takes a hit when you're stressed.

And dealing with the stressful situation(s) becomes harder.

Poor breathing adds to stress causes and symptoms of stress.

Check your breathing:
1. Put one hand on your chest.
2. Put other hand on your belly.
3. Breathe as you normally do.
4. Notice how your hands are moving.

If you're breathing correctly:
The hand on your belly is moving in and out more noticeably.
The hand on your chest is moving slightly.

Good breathing helps you make stressful situations a little easier. Change begins with becoming aware of what you need support in. Take another step in your wellness revolution today.

What is stress? Stress challenges you. It creates opportunity for growth. What you will grow is up to you.

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