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Wellness Wheel:
a stress reduction exercise

The Wellness Wheel
Wellness is a continuum. And you're already on it. A Wellness Wheel helps you take steps to improve your health into more wellness. And the feeling of well being. Harmony with life: living, breathing, and interconnected with community. You're already in the dance of wellness.

But you forget sometimes.

Sometimes you miss the beat of the dance. You find you're slowly awakening to feeling off. Not in synch. Paused. Disconnected. It happens.

And it's okay.
There are ways to remember the dance of wellness.

The 5 Dimensional Wellness Wheel

Done daily it's a stress reduction exercise.

It helps you:

  • Discover where you missed the beat.
  • Identify where you need support.
  • Focus on what you need to regain balance.
  • Take care of you

Daily, do a little something that feeds each dimension of you.

A Wheel of Wellness is a:

  • Visual picture of your current state of general wellness.
  • Tool for self-reflection.
  • You become aware of patterns of healthy & unhealthy behavior
  • Proactive step. Small steps, big effects.

It's a current picture of your relationship to you at a physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social dimension.

Stress relief technique:

The 5-D Wellness Wheel

Simple exercise. Powerful effects. Don't believe me though. Test it.
Try it for 3 days. See what you notice. Keep it simple. Keep it real.
The goal is balance but only you can define what balance is for you.
Turn your wheel towards balance a little each day.

The steps:
This stress relief technique is best done at the end of your day.

1. Get paper and pen. Draw a circle.

  • On left side write down: "Physical," "Intellectual," "Emotional," "Spiritual," "Social"
  • On an upper corner write" "Reclaiming my calm by: insert date"

2. Take a few deep breaths. Come present to this moment. Begin reflecting on the day. Ask "Have I taken care of all of me today?" Notice what comes up. Write those thoughts on the back of the paper if you like.

3. Go around the wheel. Check in with all 5 dimensions of you. Look at the example wheels. The entire wheel is 100%. Use a scale of 0 to 100. Today, assess how strong or weak you were in each dimension. Be honest.

4. Draw slices in the circle that reflect the numbers you came up with. Put the number in each slice.

5. Look at your picture. What do you see? How do you feel? What do you notice? What part of you needs your help?

6. Take a few deep breaths again. Forget about what you just saw. Just Breathe.

And now . . .

7. Ask yourself, "What's one small step that I can do tomorrow? What can I modify? Or improve?" It's doesn't have to be "big" or "many" things. Usually, it's something simple, a tweak. Small steps, big effects. Write 1 or 2 steps down under "Reclaiming my calm by:"

8. The next day, incorporate those steps. Begin to reclaim calm. Return to balance.

9. At the end of your day, repeat steps 1-8 of this stress reduction exercise, this stress relief technique. What do you notice?

10. Continue this for three days. At three days ask yourself "How am I doing?" If helpful, go for 3 weeks.

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