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Shiatsu Massage Therapy

What is Shiatsu Massage Therapy? Actually, just for the record, Shiatsu isn’t really massage therapy. That label has come into use because most states require a massage therapy license for touch therapies. And Shiatsu is included in this category. It’s all good, though!

Shiatsu is considered bodywork and like massage has the same benefits of touch. Some massage therapists are trained in Shiatsu bodywork. Some Shiatsu practitioners are trained in massage therapy.

But you're here to learn more about Shiatsu in general, aren’t you? Well here are some central features of this wonderful healing bodywork.

Shiatsu is:

  • One of the oldest forms of bodywork
  • The word stands for, basically, “Finger pressure.” If you break the word down Shi = fire, A = Breath of Life, Tsu = pressure.
  • A session of Shiatsu is done with a person fully clothed in loose fitting garments that are ideally made of natural fibers.

A session may include:

  • Pressure created by: Thumb Finger. Palms. Elbows. Knees
  • Movement such as: Rocking. Pressing. Tapping. Holding. Stretching.
  • Work on the entire body: front of the body, back of the body, legs, feet, toes, arms, hands, fingers, shoulders neck and entire head.
  • And always includes a focus is on the meridians and the quality of the Ch’I or bioenergy flowing through the person’s system.

The meridian system is an aspect of the overall human energy system. It’s also the most easily experienced because you can literally feel it.

The meridians system profoundly helps you to relax. It underlies many stress relaxation techniques. Why? Because it’s composed of many energy tracts that runs throughout your entire physical body.

The meridian system includes the Classic 12 and the 8 Great Channels:

  • The Classic 12 are the Heart/Small Intestine, Lung/Large Intestine, Liver/Gallbladder, Kidney/Bladder, Spleen/Stomach and Heart Governor/3 Warmer.
  • The 8 Great Channels are the Great central channel comprised of two meridians, the Conception & Governing Vessels, Penetrating Channel comprised of one meridian, the Great Bridge Channel comprised of two meridians, the Belt Channel comprised of one channel and the Great Regulator comprised of two meridians.

Shiatsu theory is based on a philosophy of an interconnected world. All life is interconnected with a force of life flowing perpetually. This is called Ch’i. Dis-ease in the body-mind is a result of disconnection from the greater ebb and flow of life force or Ch’i.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy is a beautiful 4,000 year-old bodywork whose value has stood the test of time. Vitality. Vigor. Zip. Zestiness. When Ch’I is flowing appropriately for your body’s best health, this is some of what you feel.

Want to feel your meridians? Feel your Ch’i shifting you and your body into your next level of physical wellness? Explore a self-care Shiatsu moment on shiatsu techniques page. One of the many stress relief tips you’ll find on this site.

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