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RoHun Therapy

RoHun™ is an energy healing therapy and holistic process that blends spiritual, regression and psychological techniques.

It is a transformational therapy that guides you to identify limiting thought patterns which:

  • Keep you feeling disconnected
  • Block you from attracting good in your life

It is also called a spiritual psychotherapy. It's effective in-depth method helps you to:

  • Enlighten thoughts & feelings
  • Connect with your Spirit & higher Self
  • Forgive & release the past
  • Clear your faulty thoughts & emotions that attract negative thoughts/situations
  • Open your heart to better give & receive love
  • Integrate your body, mind and soul

How it works:

During the process, each chakra and each layer of the human energy field is addressed. The subconscious brings up that which you are ready to face. Together, you and your therapist identify the limiting thought behind the conflictive emotion or the reactive self*. Once the thought is identified, you have a choice to let it go (forgive) using your compassion or not. When you choose to let go, the limiting thought is replaced with a new healthy life affirmation that supports your health and wellbeing.

Through cleansing each chakra this way, blocked life force energy, your vitality, is released. This allows the life force to freely flow and balance your entire energetic matrix. It is not uncommon for people to experience a deeper, more sacred connection to their own life and all life. It enhances all aspects of living.

Ultimately, RoHun™ deals with the emotional circumstances and events that have caused you to sabotage and isolate yourself from the people and things you desire. This therapy works gently and safely, leads to insight and understanding, and enables the release of limiting perceptions. It does this through love and wisdom. In fact, it is self-empowerment using love and wisdom.

It is a therapy that transforms. It facilitates a deep exploration of the self that allows you to know and express your true nature leading to a more fulfilling daily life.


Patricia Hayes developed RoHun™. For over 45 years, she has been and continues to be a pioneer in spiritual consciousness and the healing arts field. Through her methodized teaching and research, she was responsible for the breakthrough that right-brain development can be taught and utilized as a source of creative-intuitive intelligence.

Patricia founded The Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship in 1974. Patricia Hayes was administrative assistant, colleague and friend of the late Arthur Ford, a world famous medium. She then founded Delphi University in McCaysville, GA. She has trained thousands of individuals who now work professionally in more than 28 different countries to help serve those in need.

* A term Carl Jung coined.

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