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Physical Wellness

Vitality. Vigor. Zip. Zestiness.

Physical wellness is feeling the physical well-being of a get-up-and-go and a spring-in-your step.

It is enjoying the pleasure of a body that is healthy for you. It is being ready and able to physically explore what you want to do and are inspired to do.

It's taking a proactive attitude and responsibility for your health. It’s using your self-knowledge, self-respect, commitment and skills and putting them to work to attain your personal health goals.

It's experiencing health at whatever level of physical ability you have. Living the definition of wellness. Breathing the definition of holistic health.

The ABC’s of physical exercise are diet, exercise, sleep, hydration and self-care.

  • The benefits of a healing diet and exercise are impactful and life changing.
  • Optimum amounts of sleep and drinking of fresh clean water daily is a firm foundation for health to grow.
  • Self-care through a variety of choices are empowering and relaxing.

Some self-care ideas to get you started are found on these pages: foot massages, learning about shiatsu massage therapy or shiatsu-techniques. What turns you on?

It's taking a step. A small step. A step here, a step there along this continuum. Small steps, big effects.

Want to cultivate your physical wellness? Try the stress relief tip below. You can also explore a stress relief technique that helps you relax. It's called a progressive muscle relaxation.

Let’s face it: Your body is unique to you. Only you can take care of it well.

Respect your own body's uniqueness and needs.

Do what needs doing to promote health for your body.

Grow new healthy habits that increase health

Experience the richness of your body-mind connection.

See what works for you.

Stress relief techniques for pain and stress reduction.
Let's shift. And reclaim your calm.

A self-care moment - Give this a try:
Now that you have a clearer understanding, explore your wellness and experience more physical well-being:

1. Be honest. Think about what you know you need to do for better wellness for your body and improved holistic health. You know.

2. Be open with your self. Take a deep breath.

3. Get out a piece of paper. Your favorite writing utensil. Make a list of what you know you need to do.

4. Now break your list down into small, realistic manageable steps.

5. Look at the list. Not to make you feel worse. Instead, acknowledge that you've just taken one more step in the healthy direction.

6. Change begins with becoming aware of what you need support in.

7. Ready for another step? If so, go to 7. If not today, go to 9. You've done a lot so far.

8. Pick one item off your list. The one you are ready for. What's one thing you can do to take a small step towards it? Small steps, big effects.

9. Do it.

10. Pat yourself on the back. You read through this. You made a list. You took another step. Well done.

Cultivate your health. Return to what you know you need to do for better health. Experience your full-body vitality and take a small step today.

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