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A Healing Meditation

A healing meditation helps you move energy.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi is a Hungarian physiologist who won a Nobel Prize in 1937 and discovered of vitamin C. He shares: “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” It helps you shift and invoke self-healing energy to:

It can be used as a complement to your health care and self care regimen. A healing meditation is like a prayer for healing: it heals. The effects of meditation and forms of healing are well documented.

It can also help you directly experience your own subtle human energy field and system.

The meditation below guides you to turn inward to a place of stillness and peace where you are one with your personal connection to something greater than you.

This healing meditation is not a specific religion or spiritual tradition but rather an invitation for you to deeply, ever more deeply, connect with your own personal, special relationship with the Sacred, something greater than you or which ever other beautiful name you use.

Each person comes from a different walk of life. Each person carries unique cultural and spiritual traditions and practices. But together they, we, are all One when it comes to the yearning to be whole, to heal, to awaken and to fully live life.

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Let's shift. And reclaim your calm.

A self-care moment. Try this:

A Healing Meditation: The Love Thyself Meditation

Below are the prep steps and introduction to the meditation. The download is coming soon and is in an .mp3 format.

It is an appropriate meditation for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. This is the first of many meditation downloads on this site.

Prep Steps
Keep in mind:

  1. Have a quiet place in which to practice without being disturbed.
  2. Remove all cell phones, watches and other digital/analog non-medical devices from your body.
  3. Have a blanket and extra water nearby.
  4. Always sit comfortably with your spine erect in accordance with your body’s own design. You may also lie down.
  5. Once you have completed this meditation drink plenty of water for the next three days. The benefits of one practice can continue to unfold for a few days.
  6. The benefits these exercises bring is experienced quickly no matter what level you begin at: beginner or experienced. The frequency of practicing is up to you. I suggest, optimally, daily practice. Eventually, once you’ve gotten the steps down, it will take you no more than 5-20 minutes to engage these systems
  7. Enjoy.

All of life has a dual aspect, left/right, strong/weak, day/night, even during times of change. Though one appears more dominant than the other, they both exist simultaneously and they define each other. They need each other. When the sun shines, the moon hides. When the moon rises, the sun's rays continue beaming. They're just elsewhere. This dual aspect of life is what the Taoist philosophy describes as Yin/Yang.

In the dark, the light is always nearby. In the light, the dark is always nearby. They define each other.

Let's follow this natural life cycle of duality by going inward, contracting into our inner world, and then moving outward with expanded possibility.

Click here for Love Thyself Meditation.mp3 - it's coming soon!

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