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A Healing Diet

A healing diet is based on the concept of food as medicine. This idea has been around for a very long time. Choosing food that is good for your body can act as medicine and create a healing diet for you and your whole body.

Yesterday, my partner declared that "It's official. After these two weeks, it makes me think that my problems come down to diet and exercise."

With a smile on his face he marveled that his stress levels, emotional mood swings, tiredness and mental fog have changed dramatically due to a healthy diet using food as medicine and good old-fashioned physical exercise.

I had come to this realization a while ago. It took me an illness to understand it but I got it. I've also witnessed clients come to this conclusion. We all learned and worked with skilled health and nutrition practitioner to find the right diet that works for our unique bodies.

All of us have a diet that heals us. All of us have foods that support our physical wellness and overall health and wellbeing. Food is medicine. Literally.

And when we're not on a diet that fits our body and our ways, we create an unnecessary stress on our bodies. Literally.

You see food is a drug. It can be used to heal us, like medicine, or used to harm us, like a toxin. Food affects our bodies and our hormones. Take my partner again. He loves sugar. He would crave sugar to get that sugar high that would inevitably come. Then he would crash into the depression that would inevitably come. His habit got so bad that his body-mind became addicted to the ups and downs. This habit was a main underlying reason for all the excessive stress he was experiencing at work and in life.

Once he changed to a better diet using food as medicine, and he experienced the benefits of physical exercise, he woke up one Tuesday morning and had that Aha! moment. It is all about diet and exercise!

Stress relief tips for pain and stress reduction come in many forms and a diet that is healing for you is a long-term technique to less stress in life.

Here's a self-care tip:

1. Seek out healthcare providers skilled in diet and nutrition: naturopathic doctors and nutritional counselors are excellent and health coaches can keep you on track.

Food can be used to create stress. Food can be used to neutralize stress. What are those foods? They are unique to you. An expert can help you figure that out.

2. Learn. You can learn a little about it yourself and start on a healing diet that works for you. Eat Right for Your Blood Type by Dr. Peter D'Adamo is an excellent primer on eating according to your blood-type. It's scientific. It's research based and I highly recommend it. And by the way, I don't get paid for this recommendation.

Also, this diet isn't a diet a depravation diet. It’s actually simple. And it's a diet that you'll find is actually your preferred way of eating.

Using food as medicine with this healing diet along with other health care habits saved my health and sanity. My partner is on this diet. My dear friend who had been on the US National Rowing team shared with me recently that he'd been on it for years. In fact, his whole rowing team used this diet to help them get into top physical shape.

What is a healing diet? It’s a diet of good nutrition that works for you. It's learning to be proactive with your health through conscious eating habits.

Change begins with becoming aware of what we need support in. Everyday you have an opportunity to use your food as medicine to help you get well, stay well and improve your overall wellbeing. So, what are you waiting for? Today, take another step by choosing a healing diet that’s fit for you. Be well.

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